Privacy Policy

Last updated March 22, 2019 collects some information from its users that is needed to provide the service, and some third-party companies may also use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about your browsing activities over time and across different websites following your use of the site. Aside from user-provided preferences, the only data collected is by third-parties.

We use several services from Google, Inc. including Analytics, a web analytics service that uses cookies to help us analyze how users use this site and enhance your experience when you use the site. We also use Google Fonts, a content delivery network for the fonts used on the page. For more information on how Google uses this data, go to We are currently running ads served by the Context Cue network, who says they do not track users.

User accounts and logins are handled by Auth0. Accounts are optional, but allow users to set preferences in the news sources that they will see on a personalized feed. While only stores a list of those sources, Auth0 may collect other information. Their privacy policy is located at

Because of the nature of the product offers, it will embed images from servers operated by news publishers not affiliated with this site. Those companies may have policies that differ from this.